• Maintain your car with routine Orlando brake service!


    Maintaining your car doesn’t take a whole lot of work; in all actuality, it really just pivots on you keeping up with routine Orlando Toyota Service appointments! This means getting scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, battery swaps, and air filters… but it also means getting routine brake service in Orlando to keep your brakes in top tip shape (and in turn, keeping you AND your passengers safe when you hit the road). Our Toyota Service Center is here to better explain the Orlando brake service we offer and how YOU can do your part at home to extend the life of your car’s brakes! 

    Routine brake service in Orlando can save you a lot of money! 

    We offer a variety of brake service in Orlando here at our auto service center; we can replace your brake pads, change out your rotors, check your brake fluid, and basically perform any other brake service that you might need to ensure things are running smoothly when it comes to that particular aspect of your performance. However, there are things you can do besides schedule routine brake service in Orlando and we’ve got a list to help you out! 

    First, don’t ignore those helpful lights that come on in your dashboard when something is wrong! A lot of drivers just wish that they’d go away and avoid bringing their car in, but that can do a lot more damage (and cost you a lot more money). If you see these lights come on, you may need Orlando brake service to get things running right again. Call us and have our Toyota service techs take a peek under the hood! 

    Our Toyota service techs tell you how to alter your driving to save your brakes! 

    Next, alter the way that you drive! Slamming on your brakes wears out your brake pads faster, and coming to a quick stop when you’re at high speeds doesn’t help matters either. Slow your car by taking your foot off of the accelerator and pressing the brakes gently, and be sure to leave yourself a lot of room to come to a stop so you don’t HAVE to slam on the brakes. You should also avoid riding your brakes (pressing them continually while you’re out on the road). This will help you lengthen the time between your brake service appointments! 

    You also need to stay on top of the routine Orlando car maintenance that’s provided in your owner’s manual and by our Toyota techs. Getting routine auto service helps extend the life of the parts in your car, and also helps them run more efficiently and ensure your day to day drive time is top notch. Ask us when you’re due for your next Orlando Toyota service appointment – we can send you a reminder or even give you a call ahead of time to keep you on track! 

    Have questions about brake service or anything else we offer at our Orlando Toyota Service Center? Give us a call today at (866) 454-1614 today and schedule an appointment… and ask about our brake service deals! 

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