• Orlando Museum of Art puts up $19K pendant in drawing


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando Museum of Art is pleased to announce the gift of a Paula Crevoshay pendant, Dragonfly, to be offered in a drawing on May 25, 2014. "This gift to the Museum for education programs is a sincere reminder that there are amazing artists, like Paula, who embrace arts education.  The funds raised from this amazing gift will help us continue to offer quality programs to residents and visitors of Central Florida," Jan Clanton, Associate Curator of Adult Programs at the Orlando Museum of Art.

    In addition to the "Dragonfly" gift, there will be presentation of a number of her pendants that are on loan to the Museum.  While some of these pendants are owned by the artist, many pieces are actually owned by local Crevoshay enthusiasts.   Paula Crevoshay, "I have been blessed with angels, patrons and collectors whose enthusiastic support has allowed me to fulfill my dream to create truly rare, subtle, beautiful and collectable jewelry.  I want to express the best that our generation can achieve. I hope that my life and my art will enrich humanity and be a blessing and inspiration to future generations of patrons and artists."

    Paula Crevoshay has attracted award-winning attention from the beginning of her career. She graduated with honors from VCU in Richmond Virginia and won a full scholarship to the University of Wisconsin where she earned her Master of Arts degree in 1977. Marrying the Fulbright Scholar, George Crevoshay, in 1978 she moved to India for three years and was given two one-woman shows of her paintings and sculptures. The British Council of the Arts collected several of these works.

    Having been inspired by the antiquity of Asia, She returned to America in 1981, where she launched her first collection of one-of-a-kind art jewels. Her awards and achievements took her, as a jeweler, very quickly to the forefront of modern design. Combining the disciplines of fine art, gemology and history with jewelry making transformed Crevoshay into a fresh, unique talent. In recent years she has gained renown as one of the leading designers of our time. Her work has been shown at such museums as the Smithsonian and the Carnegie, among others, as an exemplar of the very best, and it can be found in many important public and private collections.

    The Crevoshay jewels will be on display as an enhancement to The Golden Age of Painting.  Ms. Crevoshay will be speaking on the history of jewels in fine art on Sunday, February 23 at 1:30 with a gallery talk following the presentation with Jan Clanton, associate curator of adult programs.

    Drawing will be May 25th.  Tickets are on sale now for $25 each or 5 for $100 and can be purchased at the Orlando Museum of Art front desk or click here.

    On display February 23rd - May 25th at the Orlando Museum of Art.

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    Orlando Museum of Art puts up $19K pendant in drawing