DeSantis warns Republicans against passing E-Verify bill with special interest carve-outs

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has warned fellow Republicans against passing an E-Verify bill with carve-outs for special interest groups.

“It’s popular across the board, and I can tell you this, for Republicans, I would not want to be a Republican office holder running in a Republican primary who voted against doing something on this," DeSantis said during an interview Sunday.

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On Tuesday, Republicans removed the exemptions in the bill for agriculture, but there are still questions about application, which will have to be worked out before the bill is sent to the governor.

“The way I do things is I don’t micromanage the legislature,” DeSantis said. “If this committee or that committee has its process and it plays out, it’s a bicameral legislature. But the marker I have set is we need a bill that is actually going to do the job.“