As Trump rails against mail ballots, the votes start coming in

As Trump rails against mail ballots, the votes start coming in
More Americans are planning to vote absentee instead of in person November 3. Make sure you are prepared and that your vote will count.

While President Donald Trump on Thursday again denounced nine states which are running their elections by sending ballots to all registered voters, Americans are already voting in a number of states, sending in absentee ballots and even getting ready to cast in-person early votes starting on Friday.

The most votes are in so far in North Carolina, which sent out absentee by mail ballots on September 4, the first state to do.

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Figures show over 80,000 mail ballots have already been returned, with a fairly low 3 percent rejection rate (voters are still allowed to fix any problems with their ballot before Election Day).

Maybe the most interesting part of the data from the Tar Heel State is that so far Democrats have sent in 56 percent of the accepted mail ballots - while Republicans account only for 15 percent - well short of what GOP voters did by mail in 2016.

Early in-person voting begins Friday in three states - South Dakota, Minnesota and Virginia - as both President Trump and Joe Biden will be campaigning in Minnesota on that first day.

In-person early voting also starts this weekend in Michigan, New Jersey, Wyoming and Vermont.

That means a number of voters will cast ballots before the first Presidential debate takes place on September 29, in Cleveland, Ohio.

But polls have shown repeatedly that most voters already have their mind made up.