• Hunting Hidden Mickeys at Animal Kingdom Lodge

    By: Steve Barrett/HiddenMickeyGuy.com


    Anytime you're on Disney property, stop here and there to revel in the intricate details of your surroundings.  You might just spot a Hidden Mickey or two!  And I'm not just speaking of the parks; the Disney Resorts are filled with creative and compelling Hidden Mickey images.  For this article, I chose to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge and introduce you to a few of the amazing Hidden Mickeys at this picturesque resort.  First, a video of a Hidden Mickey in the vines:


    Stroll through the main entrance.  On the right wall mural between the outer and inner entrance doors to the main lobby, an orange and brown creature sports a classic (three-circle) Mickey in a circle on its mid back.


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    Hidden Mickey's hiding in Adventureland

    Searching for Hidden Mickeys at Epcot

    Searching for Hidden Mickeys at Animal Kingdom


    Inside the main lobby, you can find a black classic Mickey near the bottom of the second chandelier on the right (as you face in from the front entrance).  The Hidden Mickey is near the bottom of one of the shields.

    Outside the rear exit from the main lobby and along the walkway in Arusha Rock Overlook, a classic Mickey is impressed in the rock.  Look for it where the trail first turns left between rock walls.  It's on the right side in the first small alcove, about six feet up from the path and under a large overhanging rock.

    Walk back inside the main lobby.  Toward the bottom of the staircase that winds from the right side of the main lobby to Boma restaurant, there's a classic Mickey on the rock wall next to a waterfall.

    Outside the exit from the restaurants, a large rock on the left side of the path behind the water slide has a classic Mickey impressed on its lower half near the ground.  The rock is about three-quarters of the way along the walkway to the water slide.  A small light pole juts out of the top of this rock.

    Walk behind the pool to the bird and flamingo overlook.  From the rightmost "Bird Spotter Guide" on the fence along the main trail, look to your right to the opposite fence.  About two-thirds of the distance along this fence from the main trail, a pinkish classic Mickey with a white right ear is about one foot down from the top of the rock.

    A Mickey image is etched in the cement outside of The Mara restaurant.  Go to the walkway leading to the pool, which is directly opposite the rear exit door from the restaurant.  Near the end of this short walkway, and on the left side as you stroll toward the pool, you'll find the Hidden Mickey.

    These are a few of the many Hidden Mickeys at this and other Disney Resorts.  Some are more hidden than others, so you might have to search for a while.  But be persistent, and you'll experience the fun of finding Hidden Mickeys anytime you're on Disney property.  The search for these Hidden Gems will add more enjoyment to your Disney visit!

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