• On the Hidden Mickey hunt at Downtown Disney

    By: Steve Barrett/HiddenMickeyGuy.com


    As you enjoy the food, shops and entertainment at Downtown Disney, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Hidden Mickey!  I highlight below a few of my favorite images in this part of Walt Disney World.  Disney will be refurbishing this area over the next few years, so we can expect even more new Hidden Mickeys to appear.

    After you've knocked down all your bowling pins at Splitsville in Downtown Disney West Side, look around inside for Hidden Images.

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    Here's a Hidden Mickey on the upper level of Splitsville near the escalator.  Holes forming a classic (three-circle) Mickey are in a huge orange in the left wall mural.

    Stroll over to Downtown Disney Marketplace and check out the Tren-D store.  Feel free to shop around, but be sure to look around for this cool Hidden Mickey.  High on the wall near the inside entrance from Team Mickey Athletic Club is a blue paint splash classic Mickey.  If you enter the store from the main promenade, the image is on the upper wall to the right.

    It's about time for some chocolate!  Enjoy a treat, or at least the enticing aromas, at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop in the Marketplace.

    Search inside the shop for this Hidden Mickey.  A dark side-profile image of Mickey looking to the left appears as a shadow in a painting on a rear wall of the shop (to the left as you enter). Look for a streetcar in the painting. The shadow is in the streetcar’s second window from the left.

    A number of compelling Hidden Mickeys are at the World of Disney store.

    One decent Hidden Image is on the wall in the Villain Room.  Look for Cruella DeVille’s arm - her left wrist is wrapped with fur that has a classic Mickey dark spot on the side.

    Interesting images are waiting for discovery at the T-Rex Cafe.

    On the inside rear of the truck parked at the right of the restaurant entrance, a classic Mickey is traced as a clearing in the dirt or sawdust on the covered truck bed.

    Just inside the entrance to T-Rex and over the bar, one of the pink spots on the body of an octopus is a classic Mickey.  It's across from a green praying mantis.

    Keep searching; you'll likely come across even more great Hidden Images at Downtown Disney!

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