Florida man hit with dart while going to work


A Florida man was surprised last week when he said he was walking to the bus stop on his way to work when he was hit in the back by a dart.

Lusthene Joseph, 58, felt the dart strike his back, but assumed it was a rock or debris from a car, the Sun Sentinel reported. When he realized what it was, he ran and hid while he called a relative and authorities in case the person who shot the dart came back to hit him again.

Deputies said they arrived to find Joseph with the dart lodged in his back.

"They told me they had never seen anything like this before,” he told the Sun Sentinel.

Deputies said the weapon was most likely a crossbow or bow and arrow, but no witnesses or suspects were found. Joseph was taken to the hospital with an injury that wasn't life-threatening, deputies added.

"The doctors told me I was very lucky it didn't hit any organs,” he said.

Deputies plan to examine the dart for fingerprints with a possible test for DNA, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Joseph said he isn't worried about anything else happening.

"Life is a struggle, no matter where you are," he said. "Things can happen. People have evil in them and the only protection, truly, is from God."

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