False alarm in Kenya when bag is mistaken for a lion

MERU COUNTY, Kenya — Officials raced to the scene in Kenya when a people reported seeing a lion hiding in the bushes, only to arrive and discover the animal was, in fact, a bag.

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Kenya Wildlife Service shared photos of the bag in a Facebook post, including one where it was originally spotted, sitting partially hidden by a hedge.

The bag contained avocado seedlings, and the property owner had placed the bag in the hedge to prevent the plants from drying out, the BBC reported.

In the post, KWS said, “we laud the public for raising an alarm in order to mitigate a possible conflict.

The local chief, Cyrus Mbijiwe, told the BBC that while there had been no recent lion sightings, some residents had complained their livestock had gone missing.

“We treated the incident with a lot of caution and seriousness. We first ensured everyone was safe, then wildlife officials investigated and discovered that it was a bag,” Mbijiwe told the BBC.