Fans tumble onto Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts’ path when railing collapses at FedEx Field

Several fans fell from the stands when a railing at FedEx Field failed during Sunday’s game between the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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No one appeared to have been hurt in the incident, ESPN reported.

The area where the railing collapsed is used for disabled people and had no seats so there’s room for wheelchairs. It is meant to hold six people in wheelchairs and six people companions.

Several Eagles fans, however, crowded into the area above the North Field Tunnel that takes the players from the field to under the stadium, The Washington Post reported.

The railing is not load-bearing and wasn’t made to have people leaning into it.

A handful of people leaned over the railing, trying to get a high five from Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts when they fell. They landed on the railing six feet on the ground.

Andrew Collins was one of the fans who fell. He told WPVI that about 30 people were behind him at the time.

“It totally caught everybody off guard. I wasn’t expecting the thing to break, but it doesn’t surprise me that it did,” Collins told the television station. “I was trying to give Hurts a high five. I thought I gave him a high five — next thing I know, I look up and he’s on top of me, pulling me up, giving me a hug.”

Collins said Hurts even gave him his game-worn gloves.

Hurts was not hit by the falling fans.

“I’m just happy everybody is safe from it. That’s crazy stuff right there,” Hurts said after the incident, according to ESPN. “That was a real dangerous situation. I’m just so happy everybody bounced back from it, it seemed like passionate Eagles fans. I love it.”

The Washington Football Team said no one appeared to have been hurt.

“To our knowledge, everyone involved was offered onsite medical evaluation and left the stadium of their own accord,” the team said in a statement, ESPN reported. “We’re very glad no one appears to have been seriously injured. The safety of our fans and guests is of the utmost importance and we are looking into what occurred.”

The Eagles won the game 20-16, The Washington Post reported.