‘I miss her hugs’: ‘Star Wars’ actor Warwick Davis mourns wife Samantha Davis

Actors Warwick Davis and his wife Samantha Davis on the red carpet.

Warwick Davis is mourning the death of his wife of more than 30 years, Samantha Davis.

The “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” series actor said his wife died on March 24 at the age of 53.

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Warwick Davis called his wife, whom he called Sammy, his “most trusted confidante and ardent supporter of everything I did in my career.” He also said, “I miss her hugs,” adding, “Her passing has left a huge hole in our lives as a family,” the BBC reported.

Her cause of death was not released, Entertainment Tonight reported, but she did have several health issues over the past few years. She had undergone spinal surgery but developed an infection that required emergency surgery. The treatment affected mobility and forced her to use a scooter to be able to get around.

Samantha Davis was an actor too. The couple met on the set of “Willow” and eventually married in 1991, Sky News reported.

The couple also both appeared in the “Harry Potter” film franchise. Warwick Davis played both Professor Filius Flitwick and the goblin Griphoook. Samantha also appeared in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” People reported.

In addition to their big-screen roles, the couple also founded Willow Management in 1995, which represents short actors, and Little People UK, founded in 2012, which is a resource for the dwarfism community.

The couple have two children, Annabell and Harrison, who remembered their mother, saying, “Her love and happiness carried us through our whole lives.”

Warwick and Samantha’s firstborn son, named Lloyd, died soon after birth because of complications from dwarfism genes he inherited from his parents.

Warwick Davis spoke about the loss in 2022, telling People, ”I think it brings you closer together. But it’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone… Eventually, over time, you’re able to better understand why it happened and can come to terms with it a bit more. But you never get over it.” He credited his wife for being the strength during that time.

The couple also miscarried a second son named George, Entertainment Tonight reported.