Two guests attacked by rabid fox at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — A trip to a theme park now has two guests having to undergo treatment for rabies.

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The Hampton-Peninsula Health District has alerted guests that a rabid fox attacked two people at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, WTKR reported.

A boy was bitten on July 5 by the fox and had to have four injections of rabies treatment. WTKR reported. He is OK.

A man was also exposed to the fox.

The fox was captured and died shortly after, WAVY reported.

Anyone who was exposed to the fox is being told to contact the health department. Exposure can come from either a bite, scratch or coming in contact with the animal’s saliva through an open wound or the eyes, nose or mouth. It also applies to a pet coming in contact with the fox.