4 auto repairs to schedule today: Toyota of Clermont tips

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No one ever wants to schedule auto repairs.
Look, we get it. It’s stressful going into the unknown, and you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost you to get your car up and running again, as well as how you’re going to deal with having it in the shop when you really need a set of wheels. The good news? Some auto repairs can be put off for a few weeks while you make arrangements (and don’t forget, we can help you figure out the rental car situation at Toyota of Clermont). However, there are a few repairs you never want to delay and our auto service techs are here to explain.

Why should you schedule these auto repairs right away?

Some auto repairs are worth scheduling ASAP because if put off, they can cause some serious damage to your car that can really run up your bill. Here are the four main repairs you should seek service for right away if you notice them:
#1: Faulty brakes
Feel like your brakes are being unresponsive? It’s definitely time to come straight to Toyota of Clermont. You should never attempt to drive a car with faulty brakes because your risk of getting into a collision is incredibly high. If you feel like your brakes aren’t working properly, immediately pull over and call a tow truck. Additionally, if your brakes are responsible but you notice them squealing or shuddering, then schedule an appointment with us for new brake pads – if you put off replacing them, you can do expensive damage to your brake rotors.
#2: A bad timing belt

Timing is everything… especially when it comes to your car. A bad timing belt is a pain to repair. It's costly because the labor is very intensive in the process, but it's well worth it. Warning signs of a bad timing belt include ticking noises, misfiring, or a car that won't start. Never avoid this auto repair – if your timing belt breaks while you're driving, it can do serious and costly damage to your car's engine.

Toyota of Clermont can get your car back on the road

#3: A battery replacement

If you see the battery light start glowing in your car's dash, then it's time for an appointment at our service center. This light could be illuminated because of problems with your car's alternator, battery, or both. Regardless, when it comes on your risk of a dead battery gets a whole lot higher. You may be able to get a jump, but if the problem is serious you could be facing a tow. Let Toyota of Clermont assess the situation so you can save time AND money.

#4: A car that’s overheated
An overheated car is going nowhere fast. You should never try to drive your ride if it’s showing signs of overheating – pull over, add coolant, and give the car a chance to cool off. If nothing improves then it’s time to call a tow; otherwise, you can try to make it to Toyota of Clermont to let our auto repairs team get to work. However, driving an overheated car can cause serious damage to your engine.
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