A guide to troubleshooting your car's exhaust system

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What do you think of when you hear the words “car exhaust system?” Most people automatically think of the tailpipe, and they wouldn’t be wrong - the tailpipe is an important part of this system. However, that’s not the only part. The exhaust system in your ride stretches from your engine through the undercarriage to the tailpipe, which means it’s a pretty expansive stretch to maintain and repair. Plus, you want to stay on top of it because it’s crucial for an efficient and green performance. Toyota of Clermont is here to help - check out our tips for troubleshooting this integral part of your car’s performance.

How to troubleshoot your exhaust system

What to look for:
1) A damaged tailpipe.
Is your car’s tailpipe hanging lower than it should (like maybe after a collision or accident)? Can you hear it rattling against the underside of the car when you’re in motion? This type of damage can result in needing repairs for the rest of the system and you’re at risk of your tailpipe becoming road debris. Schedule repairs at Toyota of Clermont ASAP.
2) A burning smell from the engine bay.
When you have issues inside the exhaust system with valves and gaskets, exhaust fumes can become trapped and start to build up. The heat from these fumes can melt plastic wiring components within the system, causing a need for repairs. You might even see smoke coming from your tailpipe. Call Toyota of Clermont to get your ride into our service center!
3) Gasoline fumes inside of the car.
If you smell gasoline inside the car, you need to bring your ride in immediately. This indicates a major leak within your exhaust system and can actually lead to carbon monoxide poisoning for you and your passengers, which can be fatal. Do not delay this repair!
4) Tapping or hissing noises from the engine.
If you hear tapping or hissing from the engine bay, you may have a leak within the system (typically associated with the manifold gasket). You’ll need repairs from the experts on this; it’s not a DIY fix. Bring your ride into Toyota of Clermont.
5) Reduced power or acceleration capabilities.
Does your car require more power than usual to accelerate, or do you actually feel it losing power while it’s in motion? Either one indicates a leak within the system that’s negatively affecting performance.
6) Bad fuel efficiency.
And subsequently, when your car loses acceleration and power, you’ll find that your fuel efficiency goes down the tubes. Reduced fuel efficiency results from your car trying to overcompensate the loss of power or acceleration. Don’t let your bank account suffer - bring your ride to Toyota of Clermont to take care of the issue.

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