Toyota of Clermont talks deodorizing your car

get rid of car odor

*This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Clermont*

Are you stuck with a smell inside the cabin of your car that you just can't get rid of? It can make your drive time pretty unpleasant whether it's from a stain, water damage, hidden garbage in the trunk or under the seats, or something more serious. Luckily, it's usually not too difficult to get rid of strange odors in your vehicle and Toyota of Clermont is here with auto service tips to help you DIY deodorize your car all the way.

Get rid of car odors with these DIY auto service hacks

Before you do anything, clean out your car. This means emptying out the cabin, the trunk, the center console, and the glovebox and pulling out the seat covers and floor mats to see if that gets rid of the odor. Be sure to check under the seats, too.  Next, vacuum the car out and wipe down all the surfaces – make sure you get all the nooks and crannies.

Is the smell still there? Try a few of these DIY auto service hacks from our Clermont Toyota techs to get rid of the odor:

  • Shampoo your seats and carpet and scrub out stains. You can shampoo the interior of your ride to freshen it up and use a pet cleaner (they usually have deodorizers built into them, too) to remove any stains in the carpet or upholstery. You can also try white vinegar – you mix it one part water, one part white vinegar and use a spray bottle to hit the interior of your car. Scrub it in and then let it dry to see if it helps remove the odor. Our Clermont auto service techs can help you pick out a shampoo for the interior, too.
  • Check out your A/C system. Is the odor coming from a clogged and dirty cabin air filter? Change it out or have one of our auto service techs change it out for you. You can also spray the inside of the vents of your A/C system with a special cleaner that will help to get rid of dirt, mildew and mold.
  • Look for leaks. Do you see any leaks on the interior of your car? Look for wet or damp spots and then try to trace the leak from there – water inside the cabin can lead to mildew or mold and make things seriously stinky. Get your leak repaired at Toyota of Clermont's auto service center ASAP to prevent further damage.
  • Try to absorb the odors. Once you've cleaned and shampooed the interior of your car, try to absorb the rest of the odor. You can put dryer sheets or an open can of coffee beans under your seat to soak up the smell and make things fresher inside your ride.

Let Toyota of Clermont professionally detail your ride

Still getting a whiff of something terrible when you open the car? It's time for professional detailing – call Toyota of Clermont to set up an appointment at our auto service center today! We're open seven days a week at (352) 404-7001.