Driving at night: 6 tips for safety

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Driving during the day can be challenging. You have to deal with traffic, distractions, bad weather, and more every time you hit the road. However, driving at night introduces a whole new set of challenges. We know that a lot of people are going to be hitting the road for the holiday season and if they're traveling by car, then driving at night is a big possibility. Check out these Clermont Toyota safety tips for driving in the dark like a pro.

Do you know how to safely tackle driving at night?

Tip #1: Know how and when to use your headlights.
Part of driving at night is knowing when and how to use your headlights. Make sure you turn on your Clermont Toyota’s headlights from dusk until dawn, no exceptions. However, you should only use your brights if you’re driving on dark stretches of road without other cars around. You can easily blind the driver in front of you or oncoming cars otherwise.
Tip #2: Get rid of all distractions and use defensive driving.

Focus entirely on the task at hand when driving in the dark – distractions can be dangerous. Put away your cell phone, use your steering wheel controls to control your audio, and make necessary phone calls using the hands-free tech found in so many of our Clermont Toyotas. Further, don't turn around to talk to passengers in  your car.

Tip #3: Be on the lookout for animals.
Animals are more active at night, so you’re a lot more likely to have them cross your path during your drive time. Be aware of this and keep your eyes on the road so you can react quickly.
Tip #4: Slow down and leave more distance.
It’s advisable to slow down and leave more distance between your car and the car in front of you when driving at night. Following the speed limit (or even going a bit under) and leaving extra distance can give you more reaction time so you’re better equipped to avoid a collision or accident.
Tip #5: Never drive when you’re tired.
Driving when tired is as good as driving while intoxicated – your senses are dulled and your reaction time is delayed. You’re highly likely to get into an accident if you drive while fatigued so book a hotel and sleep for a few hours if you’re feeling sleepy. At the least, pull into a truck stop for a cat nap.
Tip #6: Make sure that your car is ready for driving at night.

Is your car prepped to drive during the hours of darkness? You'll need your headlights, taillights, turn signals, brakes, and wipers to be working in top-notch condition before you hit the road. Toyota of Clermont's service center can help!

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