Safe driving in bad weather: 6 tips

driving in high winds

*This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Clermont*

We see plenty of bad weather here in Central Florida; heavy rain is the norm in the summer, and we get our fair share of bad storms with high winds and hail. Before you hit the road, it’s smart to know how to handle bad weather from behind the wheel. Toyota of Clermont is here with safe driving tips for when the weather turns nasty!

Don’t let bad weather keep you from hitting the road

If you know heavy rain is headed your way, make sure your car is prepped accordingly. It's smart to always stay on top of Clermont brake and tire maintenance. You should also replace wiper blades as necessary and ensure your headlights are always shining bright. Here are a few more tips for safe driving in the rain:

1) Turn on your headlights – it’ll help improve your field of vision and it’ll also help other drivers to see you in the rain. Don’t, however, turn your hazard lights on in the rain.
2) Slow your speed. The roads can get slippery when it’s raining, increasing your chances of hydroplaning. Slow down so you can retain control of your car and also react quickly to avoid accidents and collisions.
3) Leave more space between your car and other cars. You may need to brake suddenly, and this can cause your car to skid in the rain. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and other cars so you have the time you need to come to a stop without hitting anything.
What about heavy winds? Things can get gusty here in Clermont, and you need to be able to keep control of your vehicle even when Mother Nature is doing her best to get you off the road. Here are a few safe driving tips for windy conditions:
4) Be prepared for sudden high gusts of wind. Chances are one will hit your car, and if you’re not mentally prepared for it, it can take you by surprise. If you notice that your car feels like it’s being pushed to one side, keep your hands on the wheel and slow your speed.

Toyota of Clermont’s safe driving tips for inclement conditions

5) Stay away from larger vehicles. Large trucks have more surface area; this means they're more affected by high winds and more likely to lose control. Keep clear of these vehicles in windy conditions and be sure to leave plenty of space in between your car and them so you can react and move out of the way should they lose control.

6) Keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Like we mentioned, a gust could hit you and push you to one side. Keep your hands firmly on the wheel to keep your car moving in the right direction and to counteract the effects of the wind. If you’re driving a large SUV or truck, the wind affects you more and you’re more likely to flip or lose control, so it’s essential to retain control.
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