• Check out the latest Orlando Toyota RAV4 concept designed for triathletes!


    Are you an athlete? If you are, we’re willing to bet there’s been many a time when you wished that your new Toyota in Orlando had a shower. Or how about an ice cold fridge to keep your drinks cool, or even a snack pantry for after those intense workouts? While our Orlando Toyota RAV4 may not have amenities like this just yet, it does have enough versatility to keep any driver satisfied. However, we did get a sneak peek at what’s coming to SEMA 2013 this year in the form of a concept car – check out this new Toyota RAV4 that’s triathlon-themed! 

    Take on your next triathlon in the Orlando Toyota RAV4 

    Meet the LifeStyle Fitness Toyota RAV4 concept! In order to create a new Toyota that’s decked out with all the features a triathlete could need, Toyota decided to go straight to the source. They teamed up with LifeStyle Fitness, as well as triathletes Hunter Kemper, Sarah Haskins, and Andy Potts! The result was a compact SUV that’s an exceptional option for athletes of any type – check out some of the features! 

    This new Toyota SUV is decked out with features for athletes! 

    This Orlando Toyota RAV4 concept includes highlights like: 

    • Special storage compartments in the rear for your gear! Not only are they large enough to hold a huge amount of cargo, they’re also equipped with special drains so you can hang your wetsuit out to dry. 
    • In case you need to dry anything else, there’s also a small spin dryer in the rear so you can toss your clothes in and dry them before you head home! 
    • Get comfortable behind the wheel – you deserve it after your workout. You’ll find shiatsu massagers in the front seats to help get rid of those knots and relax sore muscles while you’re behind the wheel! 
    • If you need to clean off before you head out, you don’t have to use a hose anymore – you can rinse off with the hot water shower in the rear. There’s a five-gallon hot water tank back there so you never have to deal with a cold water shower again! 
    • Want to track your daily performance? This new Toyota in Orlando would offer you several iPads to do just that, as well as control your tunes! 
    • Why not mix up a smoothie after your race? The LifeTime Fitness Toyota RAV4 has a Blendtec Blender in the rear, as well as a small refrigerator in which to keep all of your ingredients, plus waters and sports drinks. 
    • Want to keep snacks on hand? You’ll find a fully stocked pantry in the back of this incredible new Toyota concept! 
    • It’s also easier than ever to get your bikes around – this concept includes custom roof racks equipped to carry two of them without a problem! 

    We can’t promise that we’ll see this remarkable concept in Orlando anytime soon, but we DO have the adaptable original model upon which it’s based. Come on down and see it in person and take it out for a spin – we’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! Give us a shout at (888) 725-3520 to schedule your test drive! 

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