‘Football Friday Night’ is back! Here is how your family can watch

Football Friday Night is back!

ORLANDO, Fla. — Sports Brothers Christian Bruey and Joe Kepner are back for the 10th season of ‘Football Friday Night’ on WFTV Channel 9.

High school football is happening despite the disruption the coronavirus pandemic has caused our communities. With precautions in place, Central Florida students, their families and schools are excited for the new season. Joe and Christian will have all the highlights from the games, announce the McCoy Federal Credit Union Fans Choice winner and keep you informed about the changes because of the pandemic.

How can I watch ‘Football Friday Night’?

  • ‘Football Friday Night’ airs live on Channel 9 on Friday nights at 11:35 p.m. following ‘WFTV Tonight’ at 11 p.m.

What if I have friends and family who want to watch and they don’t live in Central Florida?

I don’t have cable or an antenna. I’m a cord cutter. How can I watch?

  • If you have a Roku, Amazon FireTV, or Apple TV device, you can download our streaming app for free. (There are no costs associated with it.) Search ‘WFTV’ in the app store.

I missed the live show. Can I still watch it?

  • Video clips are posted weekly on WFTV.com. You can find them on the High School Football section and on the Video section.
  • If you have one of the streaming devices mentioned above, look for the on-demand section called ‘Football Friday Night’ on the left-hand side of the television screen.

I have pictures or videos from the games and practices. How can I share them with Ch. 9?

  • We’d love to feature your photos and videos! You can upload them under the ‘High School Football’ folder by clicking here.

Can you feature the band, cheerleaders or dance team, or is it just football?

  • We’re happy to highlight any students contributing to the high school football season. You can upload pictures and videos under the ‘High School Football’ folder by clicking here.

I’m concerned about the weather. How can I keep track of it if I’m not near my house?