Cristobal intensifies again to tropical storm, moves over warm Gulf of Mexico waters

It is expected to move faster toward the north, impacting Louisiana late this weekend

Cristobal to move over the warm Gulf waters this weekend

ORLANDO, Fla. — Tropical Storm Cristobal is finally on the move, distancing itself from Mexico where it has been almost parked for several days.

Cristobal lost some of its strength earlier this week as it interacted with land over southern Mexico. The torrential rains have brought flash flooding and mudslides to parts of southern Mexico and Central America. Over 10 people died in El Salvador, where over 50 inches of rain was recorded in a 24 hour period this week.

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The tropical storm has been caught in the Central American Gyre, which has kept it block in the same area. Also, a strong high-pressure system to the north has kept this system land-locked in Mexico.

The high-pressure system broke up in two, this will act as an atmospheric suction, picking up Cristobal northward. There is high certainty that the tropical storm will make landfall in Louisiana late this weekend or very early Monday morning. There could still be some strengthening as Cristobal travels over the very warm Gulf waters.

This is a very messy system, most of its convection has been pushed east of its center by the subtropical jetstream. It is a wide system so its rain bands and ample moisture will affect Florida through the weekend.

Expect rainfall to reach over 5 inches in some spots of Central Florida through the weekend, especially where rainbands become more persistent.

High flood risk for Central Florida

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