Eye on the Tropics

Florence, Isaac, Helene, Joyce: The storm list could continue to grow

We continue to watch four other weather systems in the Atlantic Ocean, three of which are named (Isaac, Helene and Joyce) and another disturbance currently over the Gulf of Mexico could be named Thursday or Friday.

Isaac enters the Caribbean

Isaac continues to battle wind shear and is struggling to intensify. It traveled over the the Lesser Antilles as a tropical storm moving west at about 20 mph.
The system is forecast to lose some speed as it becomes much less organize and weaker. The National Hurricane Center calls for this system to downgrade to a depression as it moves over the Caribbean Sea during the next 5 days. 
Central Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico will experience rough seas, surf along their southern beaches and bands of rain. Isaac should be monitored as any system that enters the Caribbean could pose a threat to Florida.

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Helene in the Eastern Atlantic, weakening
Helene will continue to lose strength Thursday. It will be downgraded to a tropical storm
as it enters cooler Atlantic waters. It will remain over water and not affect land.


Subtropical storm Joyce

Subtropical Storm Joyce formed over the northern Atlantic Ocean Wednesday and it is expected to make a full circle, remaining over the open north Atlantic waters and away from land. It has the chance to strengthen to a strong subtropical storm, but eventually move northward and dissipate by early next week.

Invest 95-L enters the Gulf of Mexico - Future "Kirk"?

The disturbance classified 95-L over the Gulf of Mexico is trying to become better
organized. There is a high chance that this system will develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm by Thursday. The next name on the list is Kirk.
Heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected across portions of northeastern Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana late this week. If necessary, hurricane hunters will investigate this disturbance later Thursday. 
Residents along the eastern coast of Mexico, Louisiana and Texas should monitor this system closely.

We will continue to monitor the tropics closely and bring you updates promptly on Channel 9, WFTV.com and on our WFTV apps.