• Hurricane Florence: FEMA vows to fight fake news

    By: Kevin Williams


    EYE ON THE TROPICS - As Hurricane Florence takes aim at the Carolina coast, FEMA is cracking down on rumors and hoaxes that spread on social media.

    The agency has started a running online list of rumors, misconceptions and things online that are just plain wrong.

    "During disasters, it's critical to avoid spreading false information," FEMA said in a tweet Wednesday. "Always check with official sources before sharing."


    The list started Wednesday with one rumor. By Friday morning, that list had ballooned to seven, ranging from pets to funding and even where you can get sand.

    The agency said it will update the page regularly as the storm unleashes its wrath.

    As social media became a dominant form of communication over the past few years, each major storm or news story has had their share of inaccurate information, stories, or photos circulating online. When Hurricane Irma hit Central Florida in 2017, tricksters churned out fake stories about shark attacks, fabricated forecasts, and even fooled 70,000 people into sharing a fake story that Irma would be a Category "6" storm (there is no such thing).

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    What you must know about hurricane hype, rumor control

    To see FEMA's Rumor Control page, click or tap here. 

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