• More than 500 Orlo Vista homes flooded after Irma

    By: Jason Kelly


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Pumps have been working all day Tuesday to try to bring down water levels in the Orlo Vista neighborhood in Orange County. More than 500 homes were flooded.

    Many of the streets in Orange County's Orlo Vista neighborhood remained submerged by Hurricane Irma's floodwaters Tuesday.

    A man emerged from floodwaters to notify Channel 9 reporter Lauren Seabrook that two women, one of whom is on oxygen, were unable to evacuate their flooded home Tuesday morning.

    Seabrook called firefighters, who took the women to a hospital to be assessed. They were among more than 200 Orange County residents who had to be rescued from flooded homes.

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    Earlier in the morning, resident Dwayne Butler tried to return to his flooded home after being released from a hospital because he had no other place to go.

    Butler pulled up to Seabrook, seeking help.

    He said his home's roof fell down on him while he was sleeping as the hurricane moved through Central Florida. His foot was injured during the roof collapse.

    "It sprained my ankle," Butler said. "I was frightened. And at the time, I was in a panicky mode, and I tried to get in my car. Once I started my car and tried to get out, then, it just shut out on me."

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    Butler said floodwaters had reached three feet when he shined a flash light at a nearby rescue crew.

    He was able to have someone drop him off to his neighborhood, where he was met by floodwaters.

    "Here I am, once again, no place to go. Looking for help," Butler said. "I'm out here with no clothes, no money in my pocket. I can't get back to my house."

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    Seabrook helped Butler locate the nearest shelter, which is at Barnett Park.

    Another resident asked the firefighters to rescue her kitten, who was stranded on the opposite side of a waterlogged street.

    Firefighters reunited the woman with her kitten.

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