Tropical Storm Nana south of Jamaica, likely to become 5th hurricane this season

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nota en español: Se forma la tormenta tropical Nana

5 p.m. update:

Nana is still holding maximum sustained winds at 50mph. Heavy rains, which may cause landslides and flash-flooding are becoming more likely for parts of Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, parts of the Yucatan peninsula, and southern Mexico.

Rainfall through Sunday could reach 4 inches and some isolated spots could receive over 8 inches.

Noon Update:

Potential Tropical Cyclone is now Tropical Storm Nana, just south of Jamaica. The National Hurricane Center now forecasts Nana to become the 5th hurricane of this 2020 season and to make landfall in Belize on Thursday as a category 1 hurricane.

11 a.m. update:

The tropics continue to ramp-up, but fortunately one of the two, tropical depression 15, is heading out to sea over the northern Atlantic water.

The second tropical disturbance that formed this week is Potential Tropical Cyclone 16, and it is currently located south of Jamaica.


A tropical disturbance originally labeled Invest 99L has now become better organized and maximum sustained winds are at 40 mph. It is located south of Jamaica and boat observations have determined that tropical-storm-force winds are occurring at the northern side of the system. Hurricane hunters are investigating the system this morning. The tropical system will continue to track to the west-northwest at about 18 mph. Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and the Yucatan Peninsula should monitor this system closely. The system is not forecast to enter the Gulf of Mexico or threaten Florida.

Tropical storm watches are in place for the northern coast of Honduras, from Punta Patuca westward to the Guatemala-Honduras border, including Roatan Island and the Bay Islands of Honduras.

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