Holey clouds! 'Hole punch clouds' seen across Central Florida Friday morning

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'Hole Punch Clouds' or 'Fallstreak' capture by Channel 9 viewer Friday morning. Shared on our WFTV Channel 9 Storm Spotters Facebook group.  (Gregory Smith)

Many Channel 9 viewers have sent pictures of a rare appearance today in Central Florida: gigantic holes in the clouds!

Turns out there is a scientific description for this. These types of clouds are called
 "hole punch clouds," or "fallstreak holes." 

They usually form in middle-altitude clouds, such as cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds, when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen due to a lack of particles to form the ice nuclei. Wherever there are particles, crystals form. That makes a domino effect and causes droplets around the crystals to evaporate, leaving the gigantic holes we see from below.
Isn't that something? Gotta love science! Remember to look up, you might encounter something very interesting in the sky!

ORLANDO, Fla. — Warm end to the work-week, another front set to cross Central Florida this weekend 

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