• Cooler days delayed means trouble for all; Central Florida awaits front

    By: Irene Sans


    It is officially fall and it is still hot, as we have all noticed.

    On Monday, the maximum official temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit officially in Orlando. On average, the last 90 degree day occurs October 13. Last year, our last 90-degree day occurred during the first week of October, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew, which brushed Florida's eastern coast October 7. 

    Longer warmer fall temperatures are becoming more common for many U.S. cities, and even the temperature is increasing. Orlando's last 90 degree day is taking place later in the season, the trend is increasing, slightly but still an increase.

    October 16's official high temperature was 90. It might seem as we are not that much off, but on average, cooler temperatures are arriving about a month later for some places in the US. This trend is becoming more common in many U.S. cities.

    As more greenhouse gas get trapped in the atmosphere worldwide, the planet's temperature heats up and  the warmer stretch prolongs. In fact, late warm temperatures are becoming more common nationwide. Although many northern friends might welcome a longer warm stretch before starting their snow and frigid season, this also means trouble. 

    Agriculture also suffers under a longer stretch of warm temperatures. Crops may be damage due to pests that are able to survive in the warmth. 

    Your health may also be affected. If you suffer from allergies, that is because allergens, such as pollen, lingers longer when it's warm. 

    Average U.S. Fall Temperatures upward trend.


    Even the economy is affected. All those ski activities and resorts have to wait longer for their season to start. Many can make their own snow, but it's not the same to ski or snowboard on fake versus real snow. 


    Central Florida's first fall cold front will not be much of a cold front, but at least it will knock down a couple of degrees from the thermometer during the rest of this week. It will pass through the region Tuesday morning, producing some scattered showers and thunderstorms. It will not clear the area completely, and you can still expect a few showers throughout the day. And even though it will not bring us the pumpkin spice latte weather just yet, you will definitely feel a slight cool down and perhaps even a tiny drop in humidity levels - especially during the morning hours. Low temperatures from Wednesday on will finally drop to the mid to high 60s. Hey, at least that's a start; we'll take it!


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