• Action 9: Homeowners claim contractor left pool projects unfinished

    By: Todd Ulrich , James Tutten


    Several homeowners turned to Action 9 claiming they paid the same company for a new pool, but it would not finish the job.

    One family paid nearly $40,000 and months later they only had a concrete shell in the backyard.

    Consumer Investigator Todd Ulrich uncovered a couple dozen complaints and got results. Now he’s showing how to avoid this kind of mess.


    Nearly a year after signing a contract and paying $38,000, Lori and Wade Parris said their new pool is a dry concrete shell.

    The couple said they hired All in One Pools two years ago. Zoning issues delayed the project for a year, and they blame the contractor for the mess that followed.

    Lori said the pool was dug too deep, so the steps and ledges are barely usable and don't follow the contract blueprints.

    In just the past year, six other families contacted Action 9 with similar complaints.

    At the Better Business Bureau, the pool contractor has an F rating.

    Many customers claim the contractor has most of their money, but they can't get their pools finished. In some cases, the delays dragged on for months.

    WFTV sent managers letters about five upset customers and the company finished their pools.

    All in One Pools said it is working to reduce construction delays.

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