Action 9

Action 9 investigates home improvement chain contractor complaints

ORLANDO, Fla. — Some Central Florida customers said a large home improvement chain’s contractors wrecked their renovation projects.

They said Lowe's Home Improvement's preferred contractors performed shoddy work and that store managers were slow to respond.

After learning that dozens of customers complained to state regulators, Action 9's Todd Ulrich took their case to Lowe's top management.

"I don't have words for it. That's how absurd it is," said Nick Saccocci, who paid Lowe's $14,000 upfront for a new roof six months ago.

Saccocci said the first Lowe's contractor botched the job so badly that a private roof inspector determined that it had to be removed.

"They said it should have never passed inspection," Saccocci said.

Lowe's agreed and sent another roofer to replace it, but the first contractor filed a lien against Saccocci’s home for non-payment, even though the roof had to be replaced within weeks.

"I can't even comprehend it," Saccocci said.

The roof installed by the second Lowe’s contractor failed a city inspection twice.

"Did Lowe's stand by (the) work that was done?" Ulrich said.

"No," Saccocci said. "They put me through the most stressful time in my life."

Action 9’s investigation revealed that 42 Lowe's customers have contacted the Florida Attorney General's Office since 2015 to complain about the home improvement contracts.

A Tampa woman described her experience with appliance installers as "horrific."

A Palm Beach homeowner said that one year after doors were installed the job can't pass an inspection.

Almost eight months after Raymond Montminy, a Merritt Island homeowner, bought new windows at Lowe’s, he called the installation "a nightmare that just won't end."

"It's hard to believe you could be left with a situation like this," Montminy said.

Two of the windows have large gaps around them, Montminy said. In others, fasteners that should be locked in place can be removed, he said.

Several windows were reordered, but Montminy said that he has lost faith in Lowe’s.

"Did you think this national company would take care of you?" Ulrich said.

"More so than the small, local companies," Montminy said. "But that's not the case."

Lowe's told Action 9 that it responds to all complaints and works directly with its customers to try to determine a satisfactory resolution.

The company said that it's doing that now with Montminy and Saccocci.

Both men said that a regional manager has gotten involved, that progress has been made and they expect successful results.

The company said that Saccocci had his roof inspected last Friday and that it is scheduled to meet with him at his home this Friday to discuss his requests.

"Our state license team also has been working closely with Mr. Montminy to resolve his concerns," a Lowe's spokesman said. "We remeasured his windows on the 24th and are placing the order. Our team has committed to respond to Mr. Montminy by the end of the day any time he reaches out."

Homeowners who have issues with contractors are advised to contact state regulators and municipal or county permitting offices in writing.