• Woman says she paid $2,400 for dating service that didn't deliver


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Maitland woman says a matchmaking service took her $2,400 but never delivered the promised dates. She felt humiliated and claimed the company paid someone to be her date.

    Action 9 consumer investigator Todd Ulrich uncovered an ugly complaint history and confronted managers in a hidden camera investigation.

    If you're looking for love, Orlando Singles promises you've come to the right place. And yet, Marcy Stern claims it broke her heart.


    “They humiliated me. I feel humiliated. I feel stupid,” Stern said.

    She says a friend recommended Orlando Singles. When Stern went to the company’s Maitland office, she liked what she heard.

    “They matched people according to their psychological testing, and their likes and dislikes,” Stern said.

    She claims the company guaranteed dates from dozens of eligible men who met her profile.

    Stern paid $2,400 to the matchmaking service. Months later, she was frustrated.

    “They were not making matches?” Ulrich asked.

    Not “at all,” Stern replied. “This is not what I was sold.”

    According to Stern, a manager would not let her cancel.

    Then, weeks later, she had a lunch meeting with a potential date. That date was not what she was expecting.

    “He was there to take women out for Orlando Singles,” Stern said.

    She claims the company arranged a fake date. She made that claim in a complaint to Florida's attorney general.

    “Did he tell you why he was there?” Ulrich asked.

    “He was being used as a shill for the organization,” Stern said.

    Stern’s attorney is Jared Lee.

    “The fact that they sent someone who they paid to meet with her, so they could say they provided a match, doesn't qualify,” Lee said.

    Orlando Singles is rated F at the Better Business Bureau.  Action 9 found four consumers filed complaints with Florida’s attorney general, claiming they did not get the promised matches.

    “It was definitely high-pressure sales,” said Channel 9 employee Randa Black.

    She called Orlando Singles about its services. In a hidden camera test, she, too, was told there were many men who matched her profile.

    “Oh, we have thousands,” Black said she was told.

    “Thousands of possible matches?” Ulrich asked.

    “Possible matches, yes,” Black replied.

    Ulrich went to the company’s office for answers.

    “A customer says she paid a couple thousand but didn't get the matches she paid for,” Ulrich told a manager.


    A week later, a senior company manager denied anyone was ever paid to date Stern. He also said there were two possible matches for her and the company did everything possible to resolve her complaints.

    “It makes me want to cry,” Stern said.

    The company said Stern only went to one of more than 30 of their events where she could have met someone.

    Stern’s attorney is considering a lawsuit for unfair and deceptive trade.

    Consumer experts advise waiting a few days before making this kind of decision.

    Orlando Singles response:

    “Thank you for calling me back and for providing us the opportunity to address the allegations made by Ms. Stern.”

    “The two members she had mutual consent with and or dating opportunities both paid for their memberships - and purchased memberships that were more expensive than the membership she paid for. What proof or testimony or names does she have to make such a claim?”

    “Ms. Stern has been sent 86 profile suggestions in which she agreed with 25 of those.  Two men said they had interest also and two other men initiated contact with Ms. Stern but were declined by her. We send suggestions to our members, but it is up to them whom they want to meet. We do not arrange dates with any members.”

    “We also provide singles activities and events which allows our members to meet one another in a social environment while having the security of knowing that the people they meet or pre-screened and have passed a background check.  Should any member like to attend, we ask they sign up via email or phone call to our office with our event coordinator. As to date, Ms. Stern attended only one of the thirty-nine events we've hosted since her membership began."

    “As you can see, there have been many opportunities for Ms. Stern to participate at events very near to her home. You can also look at the attempts to provide her service and options is demonstrated. Lastly, the allegation about us paying someone to go on a date with her is a lie, and we have evidence to prove this.”

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