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‘An oozing coming out of a tomb’: Disturbing leak at mausoleum angers family

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando man contacted Action 9 claiming he can’t visit his family’s crypts because of a disturbing leak at the mausoleum.

“I’ve teared up several times because it’s the first Mother’s Day without my mom,” David Nubar said.

It’s been an emotional time for Nubar since his mom passed away. He claims he can’t visit her final resting place because there’s a green liquid coming out of the bottom of the mausoleum. He showed Action 9 pictures of the fluid he fears could be decomposed human remains.

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“Common sense, you see an oozing coming out of a tomb, there’s no way in hell you’re going to step in it,” Nubar said.

He says two other family members have been entombed in this same structure for years, and he first complained about the leakage in 2021.

According to Nubar, managers at Glen Haven Memorial Park promised results.

“Oh, we have an engineering firm in place, they’re working on it,” Nubar said he was told.

Nubar claims the leakage only got worse, so he asked the Florida Department of Health to investigate.

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“Is it toxic? Is it human remains? Is there DNA in it? It’s been over a year. What’s the hold up?” Nubar said.

Family members who research mausoleums online find there is general consumer advice that warns about potential maintenance issues which can involve casket odors and leakage.

Action 9 took Nubar’s case to a cemetery and funeral expert.

“Now the cemetery is not doing what they’re supposed to do,” Howard Beckham said.

Beckham is a funeral services professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He could not say exactly what the green fluid was but said it’s a maintenance failure that must be corrected.

“Perpetual care means the cemetery care maintenance funds which are on deposit in Tallahassee are there to take care of these things,” Beckham said.

Glen Haven Memorial Park is owned by Service Corporation International in Texas. Todd Ulrich contacted the company and managers told him the 50-year-old mausoleum has water intrusion. They said the repair requires a civil engineer and specialty contractors, and work should begin in the near future.

Nubar is sending a complaint to state regulators.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it,” Nubar said.

In Florida, if you find a cemetery is not properly maintained contact the state’s board of funeral, cemetery and consumer services. It appoints an examiner for an onsite inspection.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich,

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