• Courtesy busing causing more problems in Lake County school district


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - The Lake County school board is holding a special meeting Monday to address new concerns over its controversial busing program.

    Parents said some students at Eustis High School's two campuses are being stranded without rides home.

    Channel 9's Berndt Petersen has learned that deciding which students to bus is getting confusing for the school board.

    The latest case surrounds Eustis High School, because a lot of students go back and forth from one campus to the other, so a few can start the day with a bus ride and end the day being forced to fend for themselves.

    Over the summer, the school board voted to stop transporting any children who live within 2 miles of a campus, but board members have agreed to a string of exceptions since then.

    Some parents are angry that the school system is busing students to the main campus in the morning, shuttling them over to the satellite campus halfway through the school day but then refusing to bus the children home because by the end of the day, those students are within the 2-mile courtesy busing limit.

    There's no word on whether the board will make a final decision at its meeting or wait to address the issue.

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