• Find out why routine auto maintenance is so important for your new Toyota!


    Why should you stay up-to-date on routine maintenance for your Orlando Toyota?  Did you know that Toyota of Orlando has a state-of-the-art car service center for all of your auto service needs? That’s right – and it’s fully staffed with trained Toyota technicians, so you can rest easy knowing your Toyota is in good hands! We offer everything from cheap oil changes in Orlando to full brake services, so whatever problem you’re facing, we can help you find an affordable solution. However, it’s important to get routine maintenance on your new Toyota in Central Florida as well – don’t wait for problems to crop up. If you take a proactive approach to servicing your car, it’ll save you a ton of money and repairs in the long run! 

    Get your routine car service in Orlando today! 

    You go to the doctor for regular checkups, right? Getting your car’s routine maintenance done is very similar. When you visit our car service center in Orlando, we take the time to do the recommended maintenance necessary, such as tire rotations, oil changes, and a clean air filter. However, we also take time to inspect your care carefully (and without extra charge) so we can spot any problems that may be developing and proactively address them! However, this is only one reason that you should always remember to have your routine maintenance conducted at Toyota of Orlando! 

    Bet you didn’t know that on top of oil changes and tire rotations, you also need to check your new Toyota's battery, too! The battery is essential to starting the car, so it needs to be inspected for any corrosion or damage. You’ll also need to keep an eye on important belts and hoses in your new Toyota in Central Florida. One in particular that should be monitored is the timing belt – if it breaks or wears out, it can severely impair your car’s performance by throwing off the precision of the engine’s performance! 

    Find affordable car service at our Toyota service center! 

    Another aspect of your Orlando Toyota’s performance that you should get serviced regularly is the air conditioning! Summers in Central Florida can be brutal, so it’s essential to make sure you recharge your AC so it’s running as cool as possible. Toyota of Orlando can do this for you – and we even offer air sanitizing services at our auto repair center in Orlando! You should also regularly check and replace your windshield wiper blades, because worn out blades can impair your vision in a heavy downpour. Our parts department carries affordable wiper blades and our car service center can help you install them! 

    Getting routine maintenance is essential to ensuring that your car has a long and healthy life; however, the aforementioned aspects of performance aren’t the only ones that need attention! Come to Toyota of Orlando’s car service center today and get your new Toyota checked out. We can even help you remember your routine maintenance by sending you reminder emails when you’re due! 

    If you’d like to schedule an appointment at our Orlando service center, just give us a buzz today. We’re located conveniently at Toyota of Orlando, and you can always reach us at (866) 945-0493 to get in touch with one of our technicians. Don’t forget to ask about our service specials in Orlando, too, to help you save money on your car service!