Less than a third of Florida’s available COVID-19 vaccines have been administered, CDC says

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking how many COVID-19 vaccines each state has received compared to how many have been administered.

In Florida, about 30% of the doses distributed to the state have made their way into people’s arms, according to the CDC’s data.

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“We are doing quite poorly in terms of vaccinating people,” says Florida Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Aftab Khan.

Compared to other states, Florida ranks 24 on the list of vaccine administration. North Dakota and West Virginia top the list with about 60% of their vaccines administered.

South Dakota, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Montana all sit high on the list with more than 40% of their allocated vaccines already injected.

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Dr. Khan says their success can be attributed to logistics and personnel.

“They did better planning in advance,” Dr. Khan says. “People are excited to have vaccination, but...we don’t have enough manpower to vaccinate people.”

To remedy that, the Florida Division of Emergency Management says it’s hiring 1,000 more nurses who will be deployed across the state to help out the hundreds of National Guard members and strike teams already working on the vaccination efforts.

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“Vaccines sitting in freezers, obviously, is not going to end this pandemic,” FDEM Director Jared Moskowitz says. “It’s not going to get us out of this national nightmare.”

Federal officials once said they wanted 20 million people in the United States to be vaccinated by the end of 2020. As of Wednesday, about 6 million people have received the vaccine.