'I don't have time to be angry': Wife of wounded Orlando police officer shares update

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — It's been nearly three months since an Orlando police officer was shot in the head while responding to a call and his wife says she and their two young boys are still dealing with what happened that night.

“To see your five year old, who adores his father, say ‘Why won't daddy wake up?’ That's just hard,” Meghan Valencia said.

Her husband Kevin remains in a coma at a Georgia medical facility nearly three months after he was shot in the head during a violent standoff at an apartment complex.

Meghan has been splitting her time between Florida and Georgia. She says when she is here in Orlando, she pretends that her husband, a high school sweetheart, is just working a normal night shift with Orlando police.

But she says sometimes the days are hard. Even answering a simple “How are you?” is difficult.

“I don't like to answer that question, because I have not processed things,” she said.

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Kevin was shot while responding to a domestic call near Kirkman Road in June. He and his squad responded to a call for help when a woman told them she was battered and Gary Lindsey was holding her four kids inside.

Police said Gary Lindsey killed the children and then killed himself.

When they went to the door, Lindsey shot through it, hitting Valencia in the head.

“I don't have time to be angry,” Meghan said.

The Valencias have two young boys. Meghan has mostly stayed in Orlando while Kevin recovers in Georgia. She said she’s staying at home to keep the kids’ routine the same.

The 10-month-old doesn't realize what is going on, she said. But it’s different for their five-year-old.

“He was trying to shake him, ‘daddy wake up.’ That was a very, very hard day,” she said.


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