• Off-road park Coyote Mud Bog could expand in Astatula


    ASTATULA, Fla. - Residents are revved up over plans to expand an off-road park in Astatula.

    Events happen every weekend and the operators want to do more.

    Many Astatula residents are upset after hearing that the Coyote Mud Bog wants to expand.

    Residents say it would be one thing if the venue was out in the middle of nowhere, but they say it's surrounded by homes and home owners say the noise is already a problem and if the city allows Coyote Mud to make changes, like a drag strip for drag racing, extended hours for motorcross and more days a year for concerts living next to the track will be unbearable.

    A couple of residents didn't see a problem with the changes and said they think they could actually help the city in terms of bring in more money.

    Others said they moved to the area because it was a small, quiet town and they wish it could go back to that again.

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    Off-road park Coyote Mud Bog could expand in Astatula