• 100-pound python found in man's shed


    MIAMI - A man and his friend discovered a 100-pound Burmese python inside a south Florida shed.

    Luis Eduardo Avendano said he was cleaning out his shed when he found the python.

    It took five firefighters to lift the snake out of the shed.

    "I was working, and I went to pick up something in the small room when I found the snake. I thought it was a piece of cloth, and I went to move it
    out of the way, when I realized that it wasn't a cloth, and then it turned its face," said Avendano.

    The skeletal remains of other animals, one thought to be a cat, were also found inside the shed.

    "We don't know if it (the snake) ate them. But, I think he ate them," said Avendano.

    Miami fire officials said it measured at about 13 feet long.

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    100-pound python found in man's shed