$110,000 spent to help victims of UCF data breach

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Nearly $110,000 was spent to help 63,000 people whose personal information was compromised in a computer hack at the University of Central Florida.

According to an invoice, $110,000 was spent during the month of February to address the breach.

That includes nearly $64,000 to run a call center where current and former students, as well as staff, could learn whether they were affected.

The cost to print and mail informational packets to warn people cost an additional $45,000.

According to UCF, the university’s cybersecurity insurance through an outside company covered the costs.

The university adds it is not self-insured.

“It’s unfortunate that all that money has to go into something like that, but it’s definitely good that they are spending what they need to help prevent it in the future,” said student Dree Fausnaugh.

There are still lawsuits against the school over the data breach.