Biden Administration rolls out sweeping guidelines for artificial intelligence

WASHINGTON D.C. — The White House is tackling artificial intelligence with a new executive order on Monday. It establishes standards for safety and security along with protections for your personal information.


This marks the latest effort to address the rapidly evolving technology.

“I’m determined to do everything in my power to promote and demand responsible innovation,” said President Biden.

The executive order requires the developers of AI systems to share their safety test results with the federal government before they’re released to the public.

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“We need to make sure they are responsible safeguards to make sure that these tools are safe and effective before they are put out into the world - that they respect people’s rights,” said Alexandra Reeve Givens, CEO for the Center for Democracy & Technology. “That they’re monitored and if they’re not working, that they’re taken off the market.”

Givens believes this broad federal approach is necessary. That’s because she said AI is already impacting our daily lives.

“AI is now being used in decisions about who gets a job, who gets approved for a loan, who can rent an apartment… so this is why such a bold approach is needed,” she said.

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Some AI companies like Veritone say regulation is critical. The company provides AI software and services to law enforcement and the Department of Justice.

“As an organization with almost 10 years of experience designing human-centered AI solutions for the public sector, Veritone is happy to be a key partner in ongoing conversations regarding AI regulation. We believe in transparency, trust, security, and compliance to ensure the technology is used responsibly,” said Jon Gacek, Veritone GM in a written statement.

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Another aspect of the order aims to address AI-enabled fraud.

For example, some scammers are using voice cloning technology to create fake conversations, posing as your loved ones, to steal money.

The order directs the Commerce Department to develop guidance for labels and watermarks for AI-generated content.

Administration officials say this order also builds on voluntary commitments already made by more than a dozen tech companies.

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