Brevard County teachers disappointed after approval of recent proposal amid negotiations

Video: The Brevard County school board approved giving teachers a raise, just not the one they want

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Teachers in Brevard County said they aren't satisfied after the school board approved of a raise that they believe is too little and too late.

Teachers had been hoping the school board would reject Superintendent Mark Mullins' latest proposal of a 2.3 percent pay raise and instead accept a larger pay hike recommended by a special magistrate.

Concerns about how to pay for that raise ultimately led to disappointment for hundreds of teachers and their supporters who packed Monday's hearing.

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"We're extremely disappointed," said teacher Nicole Haynes. "We were in shock."

Teachers were hoping they'd be approved of a raise that would offer $2,300 for highly effective teachers and $1,725 for effective teachers recommended by the union and supported by the special magistrate.

The board opted for the 2.3 percent raise instead.

"We're not believing that they're going to work on it next year, because they say it every year and no changes," said Tanya Lloyd, another teacher disappointed with the outcome.

According to the Brevard Federation of Teachers, the average salary for the county's teacher is just over $46,000, with a starting salary that sits around $39,000.

Even if the teachers reject the raise proposal, the board still has the authority to impose it.