Cellphone video captures brawl at Cocoa High School

COCOA, Fla. — A lack of patience led to a fistfight Wednesday involving parents and students in the car line at Cocoa High School, and part of it was caught on camera, police said.

Three people were arrested after witnesses told police that they attacked the driver of another car in the pickup line.

All three suspects are adults, No students were arrested.

The fight broke out Wednesday near the front entrance of the school.

Police said it started when some people thought a group of students was taking too long to get into their car.

“It was like a road-rage type of thing,” said student Tamorow Rhynes.

Tensions started to mount, and Tamorow Rhynes.said she suddenly found her family in the middle of a brawl.

Cocoa police and school officials responded to try to break it up.

“I was the one who got out of the car first and asked them to move out of the line. I was being kind the first couple of times,” said suspect Kellie Rhynes.

Kellie Rhynes said it started when another car was blocking others from leaving and taking a while to load people into the vehicle.

There was a confrontation, and witnesses told police that Kellie Rhynes, her son, Cedric Rhynes, and her goddaughter, Brittany Canada, started to attack the driver of the other car.

“Apparently, these people got impatient and it got the best of them, and they all got out of the car and fists were flying,” said Yvonne Martinez of the Cocoa Police Department.

Kellie Rhynes pointed out a 9-second cellphone video making the rounds on social media.

She said it shows Canada getting struck first. Kellie Rhynes claims that she wasn’t hitting anyone, but jumped in to break up the fight.

“I told them, ‘You’re arresting me for no reason. I didn’t hit anybody.’ I didn’t do anything, and they still took me to jail,” she said.

But the victim and other witnesses told police that she did.
All three suspects are facing charges of misdemeanor battery and interfering with a school function.