• Daytona Beach commissioner says strip club favors allegations are politically motivated


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A Daytona Beach city commissioner accused of asking for favors at a local strip club is firing back against the State Attorney's Office.

    Channel 9 reported in March that police accused Commissioner Carl Lentz of trying to offer fewer police patrol at Club Topic in exchange for sex.

    Lentz said the investigation into the incident is politically motivated.

    State Attorney R.J. Larizza has yet to make a decision over whether Lentz did anything illegal at the club.

    In March Lentz was trespassed by the owner of the strip club on International Speedway Boulevard. He was seen in video recorded by a police officer and on surveillance video in the club.

    Daytona Beach police officials said an allegation was made that Lentz assaulted a worker and asked for sex in exchange for lighter policing at the club.

    Now Lentz's attorney has issued a statement claiming there is a conflict of interest because Larizza knows Lentz professionally. It states that the State Attorney's office should not be handling the case.

    The statement goes on to say that any criminal prosecution brought against Lentz is highly suspect and politically motivated and that Lentz continues to deny any wrongdoing.

    At the time of the allegations Lentz said he was at Club Topic to ask the owner if he would sell the property.

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