Possible sinkholes drain retention pond in Ocala neighborhood

OCALA, Fla. — City officials are hoping to find out more about the two dozen possible sinkholes that have opened up in an Ocala neighborhood.

The holes have been forming around a retention pond in the Wynchase at Fore Ranch subdivision this week. The pond was drained overnight when more holes opened.

The homeowners' association in 2012 paid thousands to fill sinkholes. Officials say it could cost more this time. They said the holes can't be filled until they know the ground has settled.

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Engineers came out to survey the area using ground-penetrating radar.

So far, eight units have been evacuated. American Red Cross volunteers have been helping those residents.

Crews will continue to conduct tests in the coming days. They expect to receive the results next week.

Once testing has been completed, geotechnical engineers will evaluate whether it's safe for residents to return to their homes.

Officials said the area is prone to sinkholes.

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