• Frustration grows for residents affected by Orlando water main break

    By: Samantha Manning , Monique Valdes


    ORLANDO, Fla. - People living in a downtown Orlando neighborhood who have had to boil their water since a water main break on Monday hope to see a resolution soon.

    Thirteen homes and at least four cars were affected by the break.

    Crews spent Wednesday getting rid of the moisture from a massive ground depression so they can put the dirt back in it and get all of Summerlin Avenue open to traffic again.

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    "If it happened here, it could happen anywhere along Summerlin," said resident Robert Van Trump. 

    This wasn't Van Trump's first experience with a water main break at his Thornton Park home. His duplex was flooded when a different part of the same 80-year-old pipe burst in August.

    When he saw the flooding and damage caused by Monday's water main break, he knew it would be just as bad. 

    Orlando Utilities Commission crews said it’s still unknown what caused the pipe to burst. The hole is at the bottom of the pipe, and that makes the de-watering process to take longer.

    "We still don't know what caused the break, but we know one thing: We want to work with these residents and do the right thing," said OUC spokesperson Tim Trudell. 

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    That means helping people pay for damage. 

    Van Trump is hoping not to have to go through this a third time.

    "At the very least, they should inspect the length of the water main pipe and make sure it doesn't happen with anybody else, especially with all the new buildings going up in the area," he said. 
    OUC said appraisers will be talking to people about getting the cost of their damage covered. 

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