• Here's why one Central Florida county may kick recycling to the curb

    By: Mike Springer


    Volusia County’s 16 cities are debating whether to save money by tossing their recycling programs.

    Last month, Deltona became the first community in the county to end its recycling program to save money. 

    County leaders say China’s ban on mixed papers and plastic caused a major drop in recycling prices. For instance, the county used to make $200 per ton of paper it recycled. For several months last year, that incentive dropped to $0, county recycling officials said. 


    In other words, recycling is starting to hit some communities in the pocketbook.

    The fluctuating costs presents this question: Should communities be more concerned about their budget or the environment?

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    “I recycle because I don’t want to see trash on this earth,” said Volusia County resident Erica Bargas.

    Last year, Ormond Beach and DeBary debated the issue but ultimately voted to keep it. Ormond Beach, however, kept its program on the condition that it would no longer recycle glass and unmarked plastics.

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