• Judge says he won't delay proceedings of Markeith Loyd case

    By: Sarah Wilson , Shannon Butler


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County judge said Tuesday he will not delay the proceedings of the Markeith Loyd case.

    Loyd and his lawyers are in court going over 70 motions that have been filed in the case.

    Loyd is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, their unborn baby and Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton.

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    Lawyers for Loyd wanted Judge Fred Lauten to stay the proceedings while they decide if they should ask the judge to recuse himself.

    Defense attorney Terence Lenamon said Lauten was too involved in the manhunt for Loyd because of things like signing search warrants.

    The attorneys want to know if that was a coincidence or whether it was planned to have Lauten preside over a case he had already touched.

    Lauten said he asked to take it on because he was worried it was too much for another judge who had a full docket.

    The defense attorney is also arguing that the excessive force investigation into four officers is taking too long. Lenamon accused the state attorney's office in Seminole County of stalling.

    Lenamon said he wants the information to prepare for trial, but documents during an active investigation are not usually made public until it's over.

    "Nobody cares. Markeith Loyd is a monster, and nobody is going to think twice about it when it comes to this law enforcement," he said to Lauten. "So what we have here going on, Judge, is a show."

    Chief Assistant State Attorney Stacey Salmons said she took offense at Lenamon's description of their investigation, saying these things take time.

    "I care," she said. "(State Attorney) Phil Archer cares."

    Salmons said investigators have not interviewed the four officers yet but will do so in the coming months.

    "This is a death penalty case," Lenamon said. "My client's surrender, his voluntary surrender, his non-resistance is a mitigating factor that can be considered by a jury."

    The trial for Dixon's murder is scheduled for May. A trial has not yet been scheduled for Clayton's murder.



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