Lake County residents line up for round two of COVID-19 vaccine

MOUNT DORA, Fla — At St. Patrick Catholic Church in Mount Dora, people lined up ready to get their second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Donald Shores said while the shot was relatively painless the process to get the vaccine was not.

“I called the center and got in, miraculously after a 1000 times,” Shores said.

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Residents like Ellen Schultz who were able to get the shot Tuesday said the process was smooth.

“I have to say that the Lake County Health Department is well organized and how they’ve dealt with the first vaccine and the second,” Shultz said.

Health officials in Lake County received 3,000 doses of the second Moderna vaccine last week to match the first round of vaccinations.

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Shores said although he got the vaccine today, he still plans to take precautions until more people they know also get vaccinated.

“Hopefully you know, the family can start getting theirs in a month or two. And then we’ll start going back to family gatherings,” he said.

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Lake County health officials say they plan to distribute 2,000 more vaccines in the next two days.

Jeff Deal

Jeff Deal,

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