Listen: Little Caesars worker calls 911 after admittedly shooting attacker in mask

A Little Caesars pizza employee who admittedly shot an attacker wearing a demon mask is heard on a 911 call that was released Tuesday, saying, “Please help me. I think he’s dying.“
The employee is heard sobbing as he talked to the dispatcher.

HOLLY HILL, Fla. — Listen: 911 call in Little Caesars attack

“He tried to stab me with a pair of scissors. He hit me in the face with a big piece of wood,” the employee said during the call.  “I’m bleeding all over the place.”

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Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was leaving the Ridgewood Avenue restaurant Saturday, shortly before midnight after closing, when he was attacked by a man wearing a mask, police said. 
The masked man, Jesse Coggins, 53, of Greenville, North Carolina, hit Feliciano on the face and shoulder with a wooden post until it broke, and he tried to stab him with scissors, police said.
Deputies said Coggins does not have a local arrest history and it's unclear how long he's been in the Volusia County area.

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Feliciano told police he drew his gun and shot the man four to five times at close range, according to the police report. 
Feliciano has a concealed weapons permit, police said.
Coggins was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center, where he later died. 
Police released a photo of the mask the suspect was wearing.
Holly Hill police Chief Steve Aldrich said there's no indication that anyone apart from the masked man was involved in the attack.
"As soon as he exited the building, he was immediately attacked by an individual that was wearing a scary clown mask and brandishing a wooden stick," Aldrich said. "I'm glad that he was able to defend himself and that he's OK. It's just unfortunate that this whole episode occurred."






Feliciano‘s father told Channel 9 Monday that the attack deeply affected his son, who has had trouble sleeping. He continues to recover at home and met with detectives Tuesday.