• Lockheed Martin is hiring, seeks top talent in cybersecurity

    By: Kelly Healey , Jamie Holmes


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Lockheed Martin is looking for top talent and encouraging University of Central Florida graduates to work in Orlando.


    The company developed a Cyber Innovation Center built to encourage UCF students to go into the growing field of cybersecurity.


    "Our investment in UCF is to create internships so that they get practical hands-on knowledge, and we have collaboration with the school to sharpen curriculum and ensure the right tools and skills we need,” Lockheed Martin Rotary & Mission Systems VP/GM Amy Gowder said.  


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    Lockheed has increased the cybersecurity division more than 400 percent within five years to keep computers safe from hackers. The field is growing, with 13,000 cybersecurity jobs open in Florida.


    "Cybersecurity in both commercial, especially defense, is growing. There's significant needs across all the services and the pipeline of students is really what we're focused on," Gowder said.


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    The “hackers” room will have classrooms and labs, and will also be a space for UCF's cyber defense club, consisting of a student team of hackers who travel the country competing in national hacking conventions.


    Lockheed Martin provides paid work to 650 UCF students, who haven't graduated yet, and when they do, it will hire more graduates than from any other university in the nation.


    "Cybersecurity is continuing to evolve and we need that innovation to keep up with the threats that are coming at us," she said.


    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. are growing at four times the national job rate.


    Florida is one of the top states offering jobs in the cybersecurity field.

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