• Man facing charges after TSA agents find suitcase full of guns, ammo at OIA


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man is in jail after authorities said he tried to smuggle guns and ammunition on board a JetBlue flight from Orlando to San Juan.

    Federal agents said in May, Isaac Berrios concealed the items and wrapped them in carbon paper so baggage handlers at Orlando International Airport wouldn’t find them.

    A security system detected the illegal items before Berrios’ suitcase was put on the plane.

    Federal arrest documents said Berrios checked in a suitcase at the JetBlue counter before his flight to Puerto Rico.

    He never mentioned what was inside, despite signs throughout the airport reminding travelers that guns and ammunition must be declared before a bag is checked, agents said.

    A TSA agent spotted the suitcase as it went through an X-ray system.

    The guns were located in amplifiers that had their insides removed.

    The weapons had carbon paper wrapped around them to help disguise them from being detected.

    “You’re always going to have some criminal or terrorist or some other malcontent trying to thwart whatever security system you have in place,” said former airport commander Brian Tooley.

    It’s unclear what Berrios planned to do with the cache if it got to San Juan.

    Earlier this month, a report said TSA failed 95 percent of security tests.

    During trials, undercover agents got fake explosives, weapons and other contraband past screeners.

    Berrios is being held in the Seminole County Jail without bond.

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