• OPD to enforce county's new gun ordinance at gun show

    By: Jason Kelly , Megan Cruz


    ORLANDO, Fla. - About 700 people are expected to sell guns at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on this weekend during an annual gun show.

    It's the first one to happen since the Board of County Commissioners on May 8 unanimously voted to require private sellers at shows, markets or exhibitions to conduct background checks and wait three days before supplying customers with guns.

    On Thursday, it was initially unclear whether the Orange County Sheriff’s Office would enforce the new ordinance since the gun show will be held within Orlando's city limits.

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    Cynthia Harris, who has lived near the fairgrounds her entire life, said the county's new ordinance is pointless unless it's enforced.

    "So are you going to honor that or were you pacifying the citizens?" she said.

    A county spokeswoman said Thursday that it’s up to the Orlando Police Department to enforce the new ordinance at the gun show because the fairgrounds are within the city limits.

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    An OPD spokeswoman said a special memo was sent to the entire department Thursday, instructing officers to ensure private sellers abide by the new ordinance.

    However, officers can only charge someone under the new ordinance if an officer sees a customer leave with a gun before the three-day waiting period, the spokeswoman said.

    "It's very important (that the ordinance be enforced), because you're talking about the safety of the public," Harris said.

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