Group fears Florida’s ‘anti-riot bill’ would go too far against free speech

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Florida House voted 76 to 39 on Friday to approve a version of an “anti-riot” bill that was first proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis last summer.

The bill would crack down on violent protests, allowing punishment for those in attendance, even if they’re not involved in criminal acts.

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A “Rally to Save Protesting” was held on Friday in Orlando where organizers hoped to energize those opposing the bill.

Besides the protesting elements, the group is also concerned the bill would make it harder for local governments to reduce police spending.

The group also believes the bill’s penalties for removing monuments prove the bill is specifically targeting them.

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Both were key pillars of the Black Lives Matter protests last summer. Organizers now say time is running out to fight back.

March For Our Lives handed out groceries to people in need. Assistance, and a direct rebuke of what they said are the governor’s misaligned priorities.

The proposal would also make it a third-degree felony to block streets without a permit or be involved in any protest where someone causes damage.

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